Some recent testimonials

Mr Mark Butler
, Nursing Consultant, Melbourne, Derbyshire, 15.4.06

"I now receive significant repeat business in addition to new enquiries.
This directory is an excellent vehicle for advertising my practice".

Mr Eddie Chaloner
, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, London, 5.4.06

"Great work! Excellent service. Thanks a lot".

Ms Denise Watling
, Nursing Care Expert and Case Manager, Southport, 15.03.06

"Your directory has brought me some lucrative partnerships with a couple
of new clients. I am, as always, pleased with your service and will continue
to use your services in the future".

Professor Malcolm Weller, Consultant Psychiatrist, London, 16.02.06

"Your noticifications are appreciated. This is an excellent service, and
you seem to be the pre-eminent UK expert witness directory".

Dr Gavin Miller
, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Sheffield, 12.2.06

"This is an excellent directory and I'm very pleased that my details are in it".

Dr Tony Cox, Health & Safety and Risk Consultant, Morden, 21.1.06

"I am finding that your web site is used extensively by journalists looking for experts
to comment on current events. That is a great thing, and I am very happy with it".

Dr Martin Harris, General Medical Practitioner, London, 20.12.05

"When I receive an enquiry, I always ask where the enquirer found my details. I am
registered with many expert witness directories. However, the enquiries that come
via your directory are significantly greater than from all the other sources combined".

Mr Robert Butler
, Video, Audio and Imaging Consultant, London, 17.11.05

"I'm convinced that 'ExpertSearch' works exceedingly well".

Dr Malikayil Alexander, Consultant Psychiatrist, Leeds, 26.8.05

"Thank you for regularly informing me how many times my details have been
looked at by various interested people, and for identifying the viewing firms.
Your's is the only service which provides this invaluable information to me".

Miss Rita Hossain, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert, Solicitors, London, 27.7.05

"Very good web site".

Mr Nik Ellis
, Consulting Motor Engineer, 13.6.05

"You provide a very helpful and clear service."

Mr Wallace Wormley
, Investment Consultant, Amersham, 11.5.05

"I have been pleased with the number of viewings of my entry on this site.
One client has resulted from the entry and I am optimistic that more will come".

Dr Bashir Qureshi
, General Medical Practitioner, London, 24.4.05

"This is an excellent service. Keep up the good work".

Mr Gary Simon
, Dental Surgeon, Manchester, 1.4.05

"Excellent web site".

Dr Konstantinos Loumidis
, Chartered Psychologist, Shropshire, 26.3.05

I am very satisfied by the service I am receiving from your company
and thank you for your ongoing support. Not many companies continue
to support you after the contract is signed. I am also impressed that my
entry comes top when searching via Google".

Mr Scott Donovan
, Clinical Negligence Barrister, Liverpool, 24.3.05

"Most interesting web site. I am fascinated at the amount
of traffic
you are attracting on a daily/monthly basis".

Mr Mike Lucas
, Forensic Knot Analyst and Marine Consultant, Torbay, 18.3.05

"Many thanks. Really excellent work".

Dr Siân Lawson, Biomechanist and Equestrian Consultant (Christchurch), 24.2.05

"I have been extremely impressed by the level of personal care and attention that has
gone into preparing my entry, and by the amount of helpful advice I have received".

Dr Irene Ovenstone
, Consultant Psychiatrist (Nottingham), 27.1.05

"I have certainly been more successful as a result of my entry in your directory".

Tranters, Solicitors, Manchester (Ms Angela Meats), 7.1.05

"My colleagues and I frequently use your web site, and find it very useful".

Mr Doug Cross, Forensic Ecologist & Environmental Analyst, Somerset, 2.11.04

"Daily hits on my entry are now as regular as clockwork. By far the most activity on
this site, compared with other Expert registers. Many thanks for all the exposure".

Dr Antony Anderson, Consulting Electrical Engineer, Newcastle, 15.10.04

"Thank you for this morning's note to say that my directory entry had been
viewed today by Fentons, of Manchester. I find these periodic notices very
helpful, as they give me an idea of the sort of organisations that may be
looking for technical experts. To know that every now and again someone
is viewing one's details gives one a certain amount of confidence that sooner
or later someone will get in touch - and, of course, every now and again, they
do. I think that this is an excellent type of feedback and I for one appreciate it".

Sgt. John Hutchings, City of Olympia Police Department, US, 4.10.04

"This web site is extremely impressive".

Dr Keith Wells, GP, Stockport, 28.9.04

"Excellent web site"

Miss Victoria Moran
, Claimant Personal Injury Solicitor, Taylor Vinters,
Solicitors, Cambridge, 21.9.04

"Excellent site. I never fail to find the speciality of expert I need in the
relevant location. Vastly better than other web-based and hard copy
databases and I have no hesitation in recommending this service".

Mr Andrew Knight
, Consulting Forensic Engineer, Bolton, 7.9.04

"ExpertSearch Publications provides an efficient, helpful and thoroughly professional
service, which has significantly raised the profile of our new company".

Mr Phillip Hodgson, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, Malvern, 2.9.04

"Excellent site, and very useful".

Professor Malcolm Weller, Consultant Psychiatrist, London, 2.8.04

"Thank you for keeping me advised as to which legal firms have viewed
my entry (which is, of course, an incentive for me to continue to subscribe
to your excellent service!)"

Jason Coyne, Computer and IT Consultant, London and Preston, 16.7.04

I have this morning received another instruction as a result of my entry in
'The Online Directory’. All of my recent legal aid work has come via your
web site. Your
'AdWords’ feature, in particular, is very successful in
attracting new
instructions. I have the firm impression that lawyers are
increasingly using the web to locate expert witnesses – with the number
who are approaching us via the various printed directories

Marsdens, Solicitors (Mr I Karim), Preston and Nelson, 6.7.04

"Many thanks for your help in locating an expert for our firm today. As
you know, we have used your services previously, and we have always
been pleased with the competent, friendly and professional way in which
your company h
as dealt with our enquiries. I will continue to use your
service in the future, as it allows me to locate an expert efficiently and
saves precious time trawling through lists of experts. I am pleased to
unhesitatingly recommend your directory to both solicitors and expert

Mr Peter Birmingham, Health & Safety Consultant, Cowbridge, 20.6.04

"You email alerts are great! I am most impressed by the email notifications
which advise me which law firms have viewed my entry in your directory".

Dr Konstantine Loumidis, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Shrops, 4.6.04

"Many thanks for protecting my contact details from 'spammers' - and
also for your ongoing help and support. I advertise my services via all
of the leading
UK expert witness directories. I am in no doubt that yours
is the best".

Mr Paul May, Chartered Loss Adjuster, London, 3.6.04

"Thank you for providing your subscribers with an online visitor log. It's a
fantastic way of keeping track of the firms which have viewed my entry".

Dr Shaun Parsons, Chartered Forensic Psychologist, 25.5.04

"I have received 6 instructions and more than 20 enquiries during the 5
months in which I have been marketing my expert witness services via
your directory".

Mr Jon Rhodes
, Company Director, Tring, 12.5.04

"Great web site, which I found via 'Google'. I was desperately seeking the
contact details of a specific expert witness, but was not able to not locate
them, so I sent an email to your company. A member of your staff phoned
me within ten minutes and (successfully) advised me on how to find the
individual's details. Well done, and thank you".

Dr Mike Drayton, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Birmingham, 10.5.04

"I am delighted with the volume of work which your directory has generated
for me during the two months in which I have been subscribing to your service.
I have been
impressed by the exceptional level of professionalism, helpfulness
and general quality of the service which you provide to your subscribers".

Mr Tim Kevan, Barrister, 1 Temple Gardens, London, 31.04.04

"The directory is incredibly impressive".

Mr Roger Goulden, Forensic Dentist & Dental Surgeon, London, 21.4.04

"I am most grateful to you for encouraging me to use a photo on the site,
which has dramatically increased the viewings of my details. Incidentally,
I have been subscribing to the 'Law Society Directory' since it first started
in 1996, and throughout that time they have been incompetent and generally
a pain. How does your service compare with Sweet & Maxwell's? - there is
no comparison!"

Miss Nicola Maher, Solicitor, Halliwell Landau, London, 1.4.04

"Halliwell Landau has been using 'The Online Directory' on a daily basis
the last three years. It offers us a vast choice of experts, both
medical and non-medical, and has become an invaluable tool to us - to
such an extent that the firm's intranet now links directly to your site".

Mr David Greetham
, Computer Consultant, Stonehaven, 17.3.04

"Thank you again for your greatly appreciated help and patience".

Mr Maurice Hedgecock, Food Industry Consultant, 2.3.04

"This is the most professional site available offering this type of service -
for both
expert witnesses and lawyers".

Mr Brett Halliday, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Coventry, 21.2.04

"I was very impressed by your data showing the names of solicitors that
had looked me up on your site".

Mr Michael Welsby, Solicitor, Leicester, 20.2.04

"Your web site is by far the most professional site that I have seen in
this field, and is a testament to your work over recent years".

Mr John Carter, Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, London, 18.2.04

"This site improves each year".

Dr Nigel Walton, Consultant Neuropsychologist, Bristol, 15.2.04

"Thanks again for a really great product".

Dr Iain Ainsworth
, Scientist, Newbury, 6.2.04

"I have been most impressed by the level of your performance and the
customer care that you provide, in particular the speed and comprehensive
manner in which you set up my new entry. In my experience related to
anything to do with computing, your attitude with
regard to customer
care and attention to detail is unprecedented".

Dr Sally Ward, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Otley, W Yorks, 14.1.04

"Your web site is very user friendly. Thank you for acting so promptly
to get my
details up and running".

Mr Iain Murning
, Chartered Surveyor, Edinburgh, 5.12.03

"I am impressed that you have automatically updated my entry
, adding
useful background information obtained from other web sites. Keep up
the good work!"

Ms Denise Watling
, Nursing Consultant, Stockport, 7.10.03

"I have been very impressed with your service, particularly the way in which
you have linked my entry to relevant pages on my own web site. I have found
this directory to be excellent, offering far more than any of the others. I will be
renewing my entry next year, without a doubt. Thank you for all your help".

Dr Konstantine Loumidis, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Shrops, 1.10.03

"My new entry looks great. May I just reiterate how delighted I am with the
high quality of the service which I have received from you - the best I have
received from any advertiser - ever. Yes, you are the best! Many thanks".

Dr Dinshaw Master, Consultant Psychiatrist, London, 9.9.03

"Your company provides a very helpful service".

Ms Esther Tun, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, Solicitors, London, 2.9.03

“I have been using your site a great deal lately to instruct expert witnesses.
Your site is the only site I have found helpful”.

Mr Kieran Duignan, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Croydon, 5.8.03

"I have just spent some time on your web site and discovered the richness
of information there. Thank you, and good wishes".

Dr David Scott
, Consultant Anaesthetist, Edinburgh, 3.7.03

"I have had several good contacts who found me on your web site, and
I think it is very worthwhile".

Mr Derek Bates, Materials & Engineering Failure Consultant, Lymington, 12.6.03

"Thanks for your email - another example of what separates your company from
the others - who have never bothered to make any contact except to ask for fees".

Mr Peter Gildener,
Solicitor, Penzance, 20.5.03

"Brilliant site! - and so fast! I got it from an article in Delia Venables' newsletter. I
been searching for an Occupational Physician for ages, and there they
all are! Thanks."

Dr Neil McQuire, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Rochdale, 16.5.03

"Thank you very much for putting my entry into your expert witness database
so promptly".

Mr David Muskett, Project Management Consultant, London, 13.5.03

"Extensive site. Yes, it IS better than the others!"

Dr Roger Howells, Consultant Psychiatrist, London, 25.4.03

"I think your directory is extremely well organized, and the various utilities are
helpful for analyzing the market. Your list of solicitors that have viewed my entry
is most interesting, as while I mainly do legal reports for a group of about three
law firms, much of the other work has seemingly come in 'cold' from the lawyers
you have indicated as having viewed my entry – impressive! Clearly, my 'ticking
over' in the medico-legal field is being fuelled by my entry on your site".

Dr Michael Gifkins, Computer and IT Consultant, St Albans, 8.4.03

"I have found ExperSearch Publications to be both responsive and proactive, in
a way that I have not found with other professional lists and registers".

Mr William Bunting, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Taunton, 25.3.03

"In the last two weeks I have received several new instructions via my
entry in 'The Online Directory".

Mr Terry Beale, Road Traffic Accident Investigator, 16.3.03

"Excellent web site. Easy to follow - and easy to understand and update".

Mr Doug Cross
, Forensic Ecologist, Somerset, 19.2.03

"I have had an entry in your directory for some time now, and have nothing
but praise for the excellent service which you provide".

Dr Martin Harris, General Medical Practitioner, London, 16.2.03

"I am not particularly computer-literate, so truly appreciated the efficient, quality
and personal service from the 'ExpertSearch' staff. Their constructive comments
were based on their experience - and allowed me to get on with my work!"

Dr Peter Prentice, Consulting Engineer, Nottingham, 7.2.03

" The beginning of this year has produced a number of new enquiries -
all attributable to my entry in 'The Online Directory'. Many thanks".

Mr Jon Maynard, Chartered Land Surveyor, Southampton, 26.1.03

"The Online Directory' works so well because of the management's
commitment to innovation and improvement, and because of their close
attention to the needs and comments of the experts listed on their site".

Mr Jason Coyne
, Computer and IT Consultant, Preston, 19.1.03

"Your web site is bringing more traffic to the expert witness section of our
web site than Google and all the other search engines put together".

Mr Charles Fortt, Social Work Consultant, Beccles, Suffolk, 18.1.03

"The best expert witness site I've seen."

Mr Tim Hale, Solicitor, Doncaster, 12.1.03

"Thank you for saving me hours of research in finding the expert I needed."

Dr Tony Cox
, Risk Assessment/Management Consultant, London, 9.1.03

"I really like the way the directory works and the 'atmosphere' of the whole site".

Delia Venables
, Legal Internet commentator, Editor of 'Internet Newsletter
for Lawyers' (web site) and 'Legal Resources in the UK and Ireland', 6.1.03

"That's an amazing list of firms using your service to locate expert witnesses.
I am very impressed".

Mr Jeffrey Farlam
, Geological and Mining Consultant, Malton, 19.2.02

"Yours is the only Expert Witness directory entry design that appeals to me".

Mr Robert Tyler, Meat Industry Consultant, Birmingham, 4.12.02

"ExpertSearch is essential to every expert, in every field - offering the most advanced
system of providing and updating professional details - and also notifying subscribers
of the essential details of 'hits'. The management is readily available and always takes
a personal interest in the specific personal requirements of its clients".

Mr Jason Coyne
, Computer and IT Consultant, Preston, 3.12.02

"I have just received my first case from your web site, having been subscribing to
your service for only one week. Many thanks".

Dr Sean Haldane
, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, London, 26.11.02

"Excellent resource - just discovered - better than the others."

Dr Chris Sharples
, General Medical Practitioner, Bristol, 23.11.02

"I have been very impressed with the speed with which you have generated my
directory entry, and linked it to my web site. Keep up the good work".

Mr Chris Stanbury
, Computer Consultant, Wiltshire, 20.11.02

"I like the 'our audience' page - very clever use of Internet Protocol reverse lookup".

Mr Alastair Lack, Consultant Anaesthetist, Salisbury, 11.11.02

"Very seldom do I come across as competent a web site as this one. Well done!".

Mr Stephen Frazer, Product and Industrial Designer, London, 9.11.02

"Your directory appears to work and is faster than your competition".

Mr John Haiste, Chartered Civil Engineer, Bristol, 6.11.02

"Very good directory - seems to score a lot of hits and the ability to update is an advantage".

Mr Doug Cross, Forensic Ecologist and Environmental Analyst, Somerset, 25.10.02

"Excellent exposure - there has been a sudden surge in viewers of my details".

Mrs Margaret Hughes, DLA (Dibb Lupton Allsop), Solicitors, Birmingham, 8.8.02

"Like many law firms we are constantly looking at ways to enhance and develop our internal
knowledge, and we have over the last two years developed our own intranet. Your site is an
important one to DLA and we would like to ask your permission to create links to it".

Mr Michael McIlhatton, Consulting Civil Engineer, Wirral, 30.7.02

"The database is well laid out and is also professional looking".

Mr Paul Houlden, Audio and Sound Engineering Consultant, Cinderford, 3.7.02

"I have just viewed your directory for the first time - and was impressed by the speed and
accuracy of your service; in particular, the fact that your search page returned a detailed
list of ten experts in my own (somewhat obscure) field in less than one tenth of a second".

Dr Roy Bailey, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Buckingham, 2.6.02

"Your online ExpertSearch web site is so beautifully simple, elegant and efficient to use".

Mr Harry Carter, Canine Consultant, Diss, Norfolk, 12.5.02

"Good site, well laid out, easy to use".

Mr Edward Ross-McNairn, Forensic Accountant, London, 24.4.02

"I would like to compliment you on the speed and quality of your service and the way in
which you present information. I was particularly impressed with the fact that when I moved
firms recently you were able to update the contact details and company logo displayed in
my entry within one hour of my assistant phoning your office and requesting these changes.
Many thanks for your efficiency".

Mr Douglas Clarkson, Medical Laser Technologist, Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry, 12.4.02

"You provide an excellent product".

Mr Oled Luft, Advocate and Manager of the Expert Witness Institute of Israel, 3.4.02

"I first came across your site a year ago. I have just noticed that you have improved the site
substantially during the intervening period
. It looks excellent and functions very efficiently".

Mr Simon Fraser, Probate Genealogist, London, 14.3.02

"This is a great resource".

Mr Iain Tolmie, Computer Consultant, Newcastle upon Tyne, 10.3.02

"Thank you again for your care for your subscribers."

Mrs Julie Swann, Occupational Therapist, Stafford, 27.2.02

"Your site is simple, uncluttered and easy to access. I like the archive section".

Professor Gedis Grudzinskas, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, London, 1.2.02

"The web site is an excellent one".

Dr Mike Foley, Plant Pathologist, Cambridge, 25.1.02

"Thank you for the efficient manner in which you set up my listing and have kept it updated".

Mrs Susan Saini, Chartered Physiotherapist, Cardiff, 5.11.01

"Your Internet directory has proved to be the most cost-effective of the different media
and publications in which I have advertised my physiotherapy practice during the last
six years. Thank you for your assistance with promoting my availability for medico-legal
work, which has resulted in my receiving three new cases in the last twelve months".

Mr Mark Butler, Nursing Consultant, Derbyshire, 6.9.01

"Excellent site. Good response rate. I have had two enquiries this week alone from the 'Online
Directory'. This may be a fortunate 'blip' but response rate from printed directories is more irregular".

Dr Aideen Henry, Sports Medicine Physician, University of Ireland, Galway, 14th Aug, 2001

"I wish to complement you on your excellent database. It is very easy to navigate".

Dr Willie Reardon, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Dublin, 1st Aug, 2001

"Thanks. You certainly provide a very comprehensive service".

Dr Peter Smyth, Dental Surgeon, Manchester, 11th July, 2001

"Excellent, informative site. Thanks".

Mr Paul Hanson, Consulting Arborist, Perth, 30th June, 2001

"This site routinely comes in the top 10 listings when searching for experts."

Mrs Sheelagh Ward, Nurse Expert Witness, Cheadle, Cheshire, 2nd June, 2001

"The site is very nice and user friendly.10/10!"

Mr John Haiste, Water Engineer, Bristol, 17th May, 2001

"I commend your organisation for promptly dealing with amendments."

Dr David Scott, Consultant Anaesthetist, Edinburgh, 12th April, 2001

"I was pleased that I found my listing so quickly. Thank you for making it so easy."

Dr Michael Salter, Department of Biology, University of Leicester, 2nd April, 2001

"Just to say we are approached regularly by other lists and we've looked at them to
see what they are like. The search engine for your list is by far the most flexible. We
were looking for a particular speciality over the weekend and the 'Online Directory' was
the only one which enabled us to get good results and actually find a relevant individual."

Mr Michael Rowlinson, Solicitor, Oxford, 31st March, 2001

"I find the format of your directory very user-friendly. I recently needed to find an
Electrical Engineer to act as expert for one of our clients, which is how I first came
across your site and those of your competitors. I'm sure you will be pleased to
know that I found your directory more useful than the others."

Mr David Powell, Chartered Surveyor, Ringwood, 21st March, 2001

"Just looked at our new entry on your site. Fantastic! Keep up the good work."

Mr Iain Tolmie, Computer Consultant, Newcastle upon Tyne, 20th Feb, 2001

"Thank you for your efforts, which look increasingly attractive. The speed of the
server is impressive, and the ability to update is unusual. I am so pleased that
I will circulate all my contacts suggesting they consider using your directory."

Mr Andrew Thornton, Computer Consultant, London, 29th Jan, 2001

""I had a look at your site and several others purporting to do the same thing.
I am satisfied yours is the best."