Dr Malcolm VandenBurg, FRCP

Occupation: Pharmaceutical Physician
Qualifications: MB,BS, BSc, FCP, FFPM, FRCP
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Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Science
Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
Address: Sunnybank
26 Christchurch Hill
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Office Telephone: 020 8449 9942 (Sec.) / 0207 435 9386 (Dr VandenBurg)
Home Telephone: 020 7435 9386
Mobile: 07850 049134
Fax: 020 7435 2672
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: www.MalcolmVandenBurg.com
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Areas of Expertise: Defence preparation services
Alcohol technical defences
Breath test interpretation
Work-induced stress
Genito-urinary medicine and surgery
Venereology/sexually transmitted diseases
Healthcare management/records/disputes
Medical literature searching
Epidemiology/medical statistics
Healthcare quality control
Health legal and ethical issues
Medical ethics
Medical disputes
Fitness to work (medical disputes)
Medical competence / medical negligence
Medical malpractice
Hospital treatment disputes
Clinical negligence
Medical accidents
Therapeutic misadventure
Prescribing and dispensing errors
Clinical pharmacology
Illegal drugs and prescription medicines
Effects/side effects
Effects on behaviour and memory
Drug-induced automatism
Illegal drugs - methods of abuse
Illegal drugs - involuntary ingestion
Illegal drugs - passive inhalation
Internal medicine and surgery
Medical technology
Pharmaceuticals analysis and identification
Drug effects, reactions and interactions
General medicine
General Medical Practice
General Practitioners
Occupational Medicine
Pathology and related services
Death following medical treatment
Body fluids analysis and identification
Drug testing/drug abuse (clinical evidence)
Personal Injury/fatal accident
Physical evidence collection, analysis and interpretation
Illegal drugs/substances
Analysis of fibres, hairs, plant and animal materials
Anxiety disorders and depression (Psychiatry)
Accident victims (Psychiatry)
Victims of rape/sexual abuse (Psychiatry)
Victims of torture (Psychiatry)

Dr Malcolm VandenBurg is a pharmaceutical physician and
psychiatric clinical investigator, who is highly experienced in
pharmaceutical regulatory clinical expert reports in all areas.

He provides a regulatory quality written opinion in any civil
or criminal case where there is a question as to whether a
medicine or illegal substance has influenced disease, physiology
or behaviour, or is in some other way relevant to the proceedings.

Cases in which complex causality is an issue, or where there is
differing academic opinion, are a particular strength, as also are:-

a) psychiatric cases and medicines
b) pharmacokinetics of drugs of abuse
c) stress disorders and diseases

Qualifications are those for a general physician/pharmaceutical expert.

Dr VandenBurg has 25 years' experience in pharmaceutical
development and has been responsible for the development
of many clinical operation plans and regulatory submissions.

Topics researched this year include:-

(1) did the medicine my clients received contribute to their antisocial behaviour?
(2) could the urinary level of cocaine metabolites have been due to the
inadvertent administration of cocaine to my client without their knowledge?
(3) could the witness's memory have been impaired due to acute
and long-term use of LSD and marijuana?
(4) could my client’s confusion be due to their medication?
(5) should the patient’s doctor have known about the drug interactions?
Was the drug used in line with the manufacturer's recommendations?
(6) could my client's erratic driving have been due to a state of drug-
induced amnesia, sleepwalking and automatism?
(7) answered questions on the legality of clinical trials in Europe.
(8) advising on the causality of the side effects of medicine.

Specialist in General Medicine
Consulting Pharmaceutical Physician
Psychiatric Clinical Investigator
Author of 'Positive Under Pressure' (Amazon) and co-coordinator
of Positive Under Pressure Workshops for healthcare professionals
BSc in Physiology 1970 (Cardio-Respiratory and Neurology)
Registered Medical Practitioner since 1973
MBBS, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 1973
Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, 1976
Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training Certificate
in General (Internal) Medicine, 1982
GMC Registrations Specialist in General Medicine, 2004
Law Society approved Expert Witness, 2004
Registered with UK National Crime Operations Faculty, 2004

The Boden Memorial Award for Medicine,
Haberdasher’s Aske School, Elstree, 1967
Herbert Patterson Medal in Biochemistry,
St Bartholomew’s Hospital, 1969
BMA Undergraduate Research Award, 1972
Elected member of European 500 Dynamic Entrepreneurs, 1995

Lecturer in General Medicine, London Hospital Medical School
Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology, St Bartholomew's Hospital Medical School
Honorary Senior Registrar in General Medicine, The London Hospital
Director of Clinical Research, Merck Sharpe & Dohme
Author of Expert Reports for Pharmaceutical Product Licences and over 120 published articles on the effects of pharmaceutical medicines
30 papers and articles on stress
Editor in Chief: 'Dilemmas and Solutions in Global Drug Development'
(PJB Publications)
Author: 'Good Clinical Practice for Investigators'
Author: 'Standard Operating Procedures for Investigators'

Medical Advisor to Release (drug assistance charity) 1973 - 1978

ADR skills : Arbitration, Mediation, Expert determination

Geographical areas of work : All of UK and worldwide

Memberships of other professional associations :-

Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology, 1991
Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, 1993
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, 1996
Member of the Drug Information Association, 1984
Member of the American Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians, 1993
Member of the International Stress Management Association, 1997
Law Society:
 2003 2004
S & M:
 2006 Link to S & M web site


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