Mr Ian Blenkharn

Occupation: Environmental and Healthcare Microbiologist
Qualifications: MSc, CBiol, MIBiol, CSci, FIBMS
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Master of Science
Chartered Biologist
Member of the Institute of Biology
Chartered Scientist
Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Address: 18 South Road
W5 4RY
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Office Telephone: 020 8569 8316 (24 hours)
Mobile: 07802 431811
Fax: 020 8847 5994
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Areas of Expertise: Clinical and healthcare microbiology
Clinical and healthcare waste management and disposal
Environmental microbiology, particularly concerning waste disposal
Infection control
Device-related infection
Training; safety evaluation; audit; risk assessment
Hospital, community and environmental infection control
Technology assessment; process control; product design and evaluation
Planning; registration; licensing
International client base: waste management, pharmaceutical
and equipment manufacturers; local, regional and central
government and government agencies; educational,
charitable and aid-agencies

Background information :-
Ian Blenkharn is an independent microbiologist with more than
30 years’ experience in medical microbiology in the NHS and UK
universities (including teaching and biomedical research), focussing
on aspects of healthcare and environmental microbiology. He
has particular research interests in hospital and environmental
microbiology, healthcare waste management, surgical sepsis
and the control of hospital infection, and bio-safety.

Has published extensively and lectured widely, both at home
and abroad, on aspects of hospital hygiene, the prevention and
control of infection in hospitals, and healthcare waste management,
He now maintains an extensive private practice, covering
several aspects of general and environmental microbiology,
together with pharmaceutical microbiology, infection control,
product design, development and evaluation, audit, and
training in the healthcare, waste and environment sectors.
He has acted for several key public and commercial sector
clients in the UK and elsewhere, as an advisor on aspects
of healthcare waste management and waste disposal
including local, regional and central government agencies
together with educational, charitable and aid agencies.

He has several years' experience in the preparation of legal
reports, briefings and Expert Witness reports, including work
in the Crown and High Court, Planning and Public Inquiry.

Geographical area of work : All of UK and worldwide


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