Mr Gary Howe

Occupation: Independent Polymer Technologist
Qualifications: BSc(Hons)
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Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Organisation: Independent Polymer Technology Ltd
Address: Unit 42, Business Development Centre
Stafford Park 4
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Office Telephone: 07779 016981
Mobile: 07779 016981
Fax: 0709 200 3977
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Legal references: (none at present)
Areas of Expertise: Design and mechanical performance of plastic materials

Investigation of causes of failure of plastic components
manufactured from all major thermoplastic materials

Analysis of plastic component failures caused by:
- incorrect material selection
- chemical and environmental interactions
- response to long term loads
- processing errors
- inappropriate design

Background experience :-
Independent Polymer Technology Ltd provides expert witness
services to legal, industrial and insurance companies, to identify
the root cause of product failures. Investigations are conducted
by Gary Howe, who has over 10 years' experience of legal cases
with Rapra Technology, and who has testified in product failure
and personal injury cases in both the UK and Ireland. During
that time he has written numerous technical reports in support of
legal and insurance claims. With 15 years' experience of Plastics
Technology, he has extensive knowledge of the performance of
thermoplastic and thermoset materials and components.

Analysis and testing/evaluation of
polymer/plastic materials and components
Feasibility studies
Materials selection
Mechanical design assessment
Process selection
Flow analysis
Defect assessment
Processing faults and failure
Accelerated product life determination

Geographical area of work : All of UK and Ireland


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