Dr Lorraine Sheridan

Occupation: Chartered Forensic Psychologist
Qualifications: BSc(Hons), PhD, CPsychol, MIPD
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Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Doctor of Philosophy
Chartered Psychologist
Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development
Organisation: Heriot-Watt University
Address: School of Life Sciences
John Muir Building
Heriot-Watt University
EH14 4AS
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Office Telephone: 0131 451 3735
Mobile: 07811 448611
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Article (1): Analysis of a recent survey concerning stalking (Sept '05)
Article (2): Stalking: Cause and Effect (Spring, 2006)
Press Article (1): 'Talking Stalking' (Leicester University e-Bulletin, Feb '03)
Press Article (2): 'Profiling the stalker and victim' (BBC News, Oct '04)
Press Article (3): 'Living in fear of the stalkers' (BBC News, Jan. '07)
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Areas of Expertise: Stalking (see below)
Bullying / harassment
Criminal responsibility
Racial and religious discrimination, and the psychological aspects
of racism, including so-called 'Islamophobia' (perpetrator and victim)
Effects of discrimination on the ground of gender, age or disability
Offender risk assessment
Sex offenders

Psychological aspects of stalking and similar inter-personal
harassment (assessment, research, investigation, treatment
and case management), including :-

- Internet stalking ('cyberstalking')
- former intimate partner stalking
- vengeful stalking
- delusional stalking
- harasser stalking
- erotomania and the erotomaniac stalker
- celebrity worship and stalking (infatuation harassment)

Psychological causes of stalking behaviour
Application of offender profiling to stalking cases
Optimal interventions in stalking cases
Analysis of cases of public figure stalking
The evolution of stalking behaviour over time
Protection Against Harassment Act 1997
Assessment and treatment of psychological, physical and emotional
problems suffered by the victims of stalking (particularly PTSD)

Additional information :-

Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist at Heriot
Watt University, Edinburgh, who specialises in stalking and harassment,
and preoccupation with public figures. She has been researching the
psychological aspects of stalking and inter-personal harassment since
1996, has conducted the only extensive European work in this area,
and is today one of only a handful of recognised experts in this field.
After gaining her PhD on the subject in 2001, she became a Lecturer
(and later a Senior Lecturer) in Forensic Psychology at the University
of Leicester, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Heriot-Watt

During a decade of pioneering research on the psychological aspects
of stalking and interpersonal harassment, she has published over 50
peer-reviewed papers and four books on the topic, and thus has a
unique expertise in this relatively recent area of psychology and law.
Much of her research has an applied, interventionist approach, and
she frequently trains legal professionals and gives case management
advice on topics such as stalking, harassment, and risk assessment.

She has published four books and more than 50 peer-reviewed
academic papers in the area, and is co-editor/co-author of :-

(1) 'Stalking and Psychosexual Obsession: Psychological Perspectives
for Prevention, Policing and Treatment' (2002) (Wiley), (Amazon).

(2) 'Stalking, Threatening, and Attacking Public Figures : A Psychological
and Behavioral Analysis' (May, 2008) (Oxford University Press), (Amazon).

Dr Sheridan's research has taken an applied, interventionist angle
and she frequently trains professionals involved in investigating
stalking crimes. She is a police-accredited offender profiler and
compiles psychological reports related to offenders, highlighting
the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. She regularly
gives case management advice to the police, security personnel,
celebrities and others on stalking, harassment, violence, risk
assessment, malicious communications and similar topics.

Dr Sheridan is available to provide independent advice and
research to police investigatigations, CPS, legal defence teams
and agencies with an interest in the following :-

Assessment of dangerousness (i.e. how to decide which stalkers/
harassers present a credible threat, given that most dangerous
harassers do not announce themselves in a manner that is readily
apparent as being likely to cause a threat or danger)

Assessment of stalking as an extension of domestic/emotional abuse

Exacerbating and alleviating factors of stalking (i.e. how to manage
a harasser on a daily basis, so as to minimise the danger and threat
posed by the individual)

The psychological interaction between stalking and other crimes,
such as assault/wounding, indecent assault, rape and murder

The effectiveness of various anti-harassment interventions (i.e.
how to decide which interventions are best suited to particular
cases, given that individual harassers will respond differently to
varying interventions)

The screening and assessment of letters, email messages and
other communications which are considered to be inappropriate
and/or offensive

Previous clients have included police authorities, lawyers (both
prosecution and defence), recording artists and other high profile
public figures, security management companies and insurers.

Geographical area of work : All of UK
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