Professor Ken Donaldson, FRCPath

Occupation: Professor of Respiratory Toxicology
Qualifications: BSc(Hons), PhD, DSc, FIBiol, FRCPath, FFOM
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Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Science
Fellow of the Institute of Biology
Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists
Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
Organisation: University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research
Address: ELEGI Colt Laboratory
Queen's Medical Research Institute
47 Little France Crescent
EH16 4TJ
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Office Telephone: 0131 242 6580 / 0131 651 1437
Home Telephone: 0131 441 6670
Mobile: 07766 257304
Fax: 0131 651 1558
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Areas of Expertise: Professor Ken Donaldson is an expert in particle-related lung
and respiratory disease and inhalation toxicology relating to :-

Glass fibres
Synthetic vitreous fibres
Naturally occurring fibres
Quartz (crystalline silica)
Coalmine dust
Organic dusts
Sensitising chemicals
Diesel soot
Combustion particles
Cigarette smoke
Volcanic ash
Tunnel dust from underground railways
All types of particles

Career background :-
Professor Ken Donaldson is Professor of Respiratory Toxicology at
the Respiratory Medicine Unit of the University of Edinburgh (web site).
He is also Scientific Director of the Edinburgh Lung and the Environment
Group Initiative (ELEGI) Laboratory - a collaborative venture that brings
together researchers to work on air pollution and the lung (see 'web'
link, above). The main diseases that are studied are those caused
by cigarette smoke and particles of various sorts.

He has a PhD and a DSc from the University of Edinburgh and
a BSc(Hons) (First Class) in Biology from the University of Stirling
and is a Fellow of several distinguished societies, including the
Royal College of Pathologists. Professor Donaldson has carried
out research into the effects of particles and lung disease for 20
years and has co-authored more than 200 published papers and
textbook chapters on this area of research. He sits on the Committee
on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution - an advisory committee of
independent experts that provides advice to UK Govt. Departments
and Agencies on all matters concerning the potential toxicity and
effects upon health of air pollutants (web site). He has provided
expert advice to UK and US agencies such as the UK HSE and the
US EPA and NIOSH on particles and lung disease.

Memberships of other professional associations :-
International Volcanic Health Hazard Network (web site)


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