Mr Peter (C P W) Bennett

Occupation: Criminal Justice, Health, School and Environmental Consultant
Qualifications: DipCrim, BA(Hons), MA(Oxon), MBA
Explanation of  
Diploma in Criminology
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Master of Arts (Oxford)
Master of Business Administration
Organisation: Restorative Health Co. Ltd
Address: Outalong
Lower Broad Oak Road
West Hill
Ottery St Mary
EX11 1XH
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Office Telephone: 01404 815992
Mobile: 07971 248930
Fax: 0709 2140920
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Legal references: (none at present)
Areas of Expertise: Providing local, national and international investigation, assessment,
advice and evidence in relation to :-

Health, environment and criminality prevention (restorative justice)
Environmental, nutritional and dietary causes of offending behaviour
Food allergies and intolerances as causes of offending behaviour
Behavioural health disorders, drugs, alcohol and substance addictions
Agency practices in criminal justice, health and education (e.g. PACE)
Forensic ecology, including pollution, public health and wildlife
Work discrimination, harassment, sickness, and discipline
Financial and property problems (civil or criminal)
School exclusions (including experience of representing
pupils in School Governor and School Appeal Panels)
Traffic accident investigation

Career :-
Peter Bennett is a retired police superintendent of 31 years'
experience, including beat, traffic and CID operations, drugs,
communications, community relations and research into juvenile
offending, victimology, child abuse and welfare, care of prisoners,
crime and criminal prevention. Also recruiting, human resources and
promotion advisor/assessor and complaints and discipline investigator.

He is an accepted and experienced expert witness in matters
involving crimes, road traffic accidents, and restorative justice
- in particular the relationship between offending behaviour
and environmental factors, food allergy, diet and nutrition. He
has regularly appeared as a witness in Magistrates and Crown
Courts, is a Member of the Environmental Law Foundation and
the Scientific and Medical Network and is licensed under the
Consumer Credit Act.


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