Ms Lena Andersson, MD

Occupation: Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Qualifications: MD
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Doctor of Medicine
Organisation: The Anelca Clinic
Address: 84 Harley Street
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Office Telephone: 020 7079 4242
Fax: 020 7079 4241
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Legal references: (none at present)
Areas of Expertise: Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery
Burn and scar reconstruction
Skin cancers/melanoma
Scalp and hair damage (trichology)
Hand, wrist and upper limb injuries and surgery
Peripheral nerve injuries and nerve reconstruction
Accident and trauma surgery
Soft tissue injuries
Skin grafting
Prosthetic surgery
Eyelid surgery
Facial cosmetic/aesthetic surgery
Correction of protruding ears, nose and chin
Breast reconstruction, deformities
Breast cosmetic surgery (enlargement and reduction)
Minimal access surgery/laparoscopy
Hand and microsurgery
Medical accidents
Medical negligence
Nursing negligence

Large experience in medico-legal field, single joint expert,
breast reconstruction, deformities, enlargement, reduction,
trauma, burns, hand and microsurgery, birthmarks, skin
cancer, facial aesthetic surgery, liposuction, eyelid surgery,
correction of protruding ears, noses, chins, nerve reconstruction,
transsexual surgery, tummy and skin tucks, thigh and arm lifts,
Botox, Hyaluronic acid and chemical peel treatments.

Av. no. of new instructions a year : 50 - 75
No. of court appearances in last 3 years : 5
No. of reports written in last 3 years : 150
Geographical area of work : All of UK and worldwide

Additional qualifications and accredited experience :-
FMH Specialist Diploma for Plastic-Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Registered GMC Specialist for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Specialist Diploma for Plastic-Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (Sweden)

Memberships of other professional associations :-
Royal Society of Medicine
British Medical Association
British Association of Plastic Surgeons
Swedish Society of Medicine
Swedish Medical Association
Swedish Association of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Scandinavian Assocn of Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Swiss Association of Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Scandinavian Association of Microsurgery
Swiss Society of Medicine (FMH)
Single Joint Expert trained
Law Society:
 2003 2004
S & M:
 2007 Link to S & M web site


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