Professor Brian Hoyle

Occupation: Professor of Vision and Image Systems
Qualifications: BSc, MPhil, PhD, CEng
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Bachelor of Science
Master of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy
Chartered Engineer
Organisation: University of Leeds
Address: Leeds
West Yorks
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Office Telephone: 029 2046 1567
Fax: 029 2046 1567
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Legal references: (none at present)
Areas of Expertise: Computer aided design / CAD
systems for microwave systems
Computer based mapping
Digital electronics
Electrical engineering
Electronic engineering
Electronic software and systems
Geophysical computation
Process tomography
Tomographic imaging
Volumetric gas flow rate
Vision-based dynamic
component inspection

Brian Hoyle is Professor of Vision and Image Systems in
the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the
University of Leeds. He is also Director of the Institute of
Integrated Information Systems, one of two research divisions
in the School. He has had a varied career, centred on electronic
and computer systems engineering. Much of his career has been
in a University environment but this has always featured strong links
with industry and commerce. He is co-inventor and developer of the
'Spatial Imager' ultrasound device, which enables blind and partially
sighted people to detect objects (see the 'Press Article' links, above).
He is experienced in writing reports and acting as an Expert Witness.


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