Dr Antony Anderson

Occupation: Consulting Electrical Engineer
Qualifications: BSc(Hons), PhD, CEng, FIEE, FIDiagE
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Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Doctor of Philosophy
Chartered Engineer
Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers
Fellow of the Institute of Diagnostic Engineers
Address: 26 Westfield Drive
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
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Office Telephone: 0191 285 4577
Fax: 0191 285 4577
Email: ().
Email to Fax: ()
: www.antony-anderson.com
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Article: 'Automobile Cruise Control Faults and Sudden Acceleration'
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Legal references: (none at present)
Areas of Expertise: Forensic electrical engineering
Electrical machines and their control
Electrical fault/failure investigations (details)
Electrical power plant performance testing
AC motors and DC motors
Stepper motors
Electric power
Timing motors
Large industrial motors
Automatic cruise control problems
in vehicles (see 'Article', above)
Electric generators, including large turbine
generators and associated problems/failures
Transient behaviour of electrical machines
Electromagnetic devices
Engineering product structure and engineering
business process improvement
Industrial R & D project management
Unusual problems related to electromagnetics
and electrostatics
Electrical maintenance engineering
Electrical testing
Electrical safety/accidents
Power electronics
Industrial control systems: industrial
Analogue computer technology
Artificial intelligence (computers)
Computer modelling/simulation
Computer aided design (CAD)

Career background :-
Dr Anthony Anderson is an electrical engineering consultant,
with an electrical machines and control background, who
specialises in electrical failure investigations (particularly
failures in large electrical machines).

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of Electrical Engineers web site, please click here).

Av. no. of new instructions a year : 1
No. of reports written in last 3 years : 3
Geographical area of work : All of UK and worldwide
Languages : Fluent French and German (+ some Spanish)
Single Joint Expert trained
Law Society:
 2003 2004
S & M:
 2007 Link to S & M web site


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