Dr Hugh Rushton

Occupation: Trichologist
Qualifications: BA, PhD, MIT, FIT, MFSSoc
Explanation of  
Bachelor of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy
Member of the Institute of Trichologists
Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists
Member of the Forensic Science Society
Organisation: Bio-Scientific Ltd
Address: 24 Harmont House
20 Harley Street
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Office Telephone: 020 7637 4853
Fax: 020 7637 4853
Email: ().
Email to Fax: ()
: www.nutrihair.co.uk
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Legal references: (none at present)
Areas of Expertise: Trichology
Scalp and hair damage and disorders
Dermatological surgery
Cosmetic surgery
Hairdressing and beauty treatment accidents
Fibres, hairs, plant and animal materials analysis
Causes of hair loss
Personal injury causes
Medical negligence

Dr Rushton holds the post of Honorary Senior Lecturer in
Trichological Sciences at the School of Pharmacy and
Biological Sciences, University of Portsmouth. He has a
PhD in 'Chemical and Morphological Properties of Scalp
Hair in Normal and Abnormal States', a BA in Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology and has published over 25 papers
and several book chapters relating to scalp hair problems.
In addition his interests in forensic science have resulted
in him giving expert evidence in criminal cases in the UK
and New Zealand.

Av. no. of new instructions a year : 23
No. of reports written in last 3 years: 60
No. of court appearances in last 3 years : 4
Geographical area of work : All of UK and worldwide

Memberships of other professional associations :
Society of Cosmetic Scientists
New York Academy of Science
European Hair Research Society
Academy :
Membership No. 1598 (Click here)
Law Society:
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