Dr Philip L A Joseph, FRCPsych

Occupation: Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist
Qualifications: BSc, MB,BS, MD, FRCPsych, Barrister (Non-practising)
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Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
Doctor of Medicine
Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Address: Mental Health Centre
St Charles Hospital
Exmoor Street
W10 6DZ
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Office Telephone: 020 8206 7331
Fax: 020 8206 7333
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GMC Registration No.: 2501132
NHS Trust: Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (web site)
Primary NHS Hospital: St Charles Mental Health Centre (web site)
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Areas of Expertise: Forensic psychiatry (criminal and civil cases)
Psychopathology/psychiatric disorders
Homicide / murder
Psychiatric aspects of crime, inc. violent
crime, sex offences, arson and shoplifting
Trauma sequelae (psychiatry inc. personal injury)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (psychiatry)
Stress disorders: psychiatry
Personal injury
Court martial
Anxiety disorders/depression (psychiatry)
Assessment of all forms of mental disorder
(e.g. schizophrenia, depression, amnesia,
and psychopathic disorder)
Accident victims (psychiatry)
Crime victims (psychiatry)
Personality disorders/psychoses
Violence, self harm and suicide
Criminal behaviour
Addictions and compulsions (psychiatry)
Psychiatric assessment
Offender assessment (psychiatric)
Serious offender assessment (psychiatric)
Criminal responsibility (psychiatric assessment)
Fitness to plead (psychiatric assessment)
Sex offenders (psychiatric assessment)
Dangerousness/risk assessment (psychiatric)
Mental Health Act/ Mental Health Review Tribunals

Career background :-
Dr Philip Joseph trained in General Adult and Forensic Psychiatry
at University College Hospital and the Maudsley Hospital and has
held research and consultant posts at the Maudsley and St Mary's
Hospital since 1989. He has a BSc (1st Class) in Psychology. He
qualified as a Barrister in 1987 and has developed a large forensic
psychiatric practice. He was deputy coroner for Southwark Coroner's
Court from 1988 - 1996. He was an Examiner for the Diploma of
Forensic Psychiatry at Kings College, London; forensic member
of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Review of
Psychiatry, and is a recognised teacher in forensic psychiatry
at the University of London. He represents the Royal College
of Psychiatrists and University of London on consultant
appointments in Forensic Psychiatry.

Clinical Expertise :-
Dr Joseph has worked in the NHS in London for 28 years. He has
also developed a large medico-legal practice, specialising in the
psychiatric assessment of individuals involved in criminal and
civil proceedings. His expertise is reflected in his qualifications in
psychiatry, psychology and the law. He has published widely in
the field of forensic psychiatry, has presented original research
at conferences and regularly lectures at medical meetings. He
has retained a longstanding interest in the plight of the homeless
mentally ill.

Trained in the legal aspects of report
writing and giving evidence in court

Av. no. of new cases a year : 50
No. of reports written in last 3 years : 150
No. of court appearances in last 3 years : 75
Geographical areas of work : London, South East, South, North West
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